Different Homeopathy Medicines For Menopausal Symptoms

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Homeopathic remedies have long been utilized for the therapy of menopause symptoms and it has been established to be vital in curing them as well. This is just because homeopathy therapy isn't based on the medical state rather on the signs that a person has and hence the medications have superior impact in comparison to those which are available over the counter.

Here in this article we will discuss about a few homeopathy medications which would be helpful for you if you're experiencing menopausal symptoms. Before looking for any homeopathy doctors in Noida or any other part of India, please read this article.


It's an excellent homeopathic medicine for menopausal symptoms. It works great if you're experiencing menopausal signs of insomnia or sober headaches. Even if you're experiencing issues like memory loss, anxiety and issues of concentration, you can also try this medicine for better effects. It's also excellent if you're experiencing issue like heart palpitations which might deteriorate when you're lying on your left side.

Calcarea Carbonica

This homeopathic medication is suggested for menopause which's accompanied with hot flashes and night sweats. It's often noticed that females who experience these symptoms also experience a feeling of cold. Calcarea Carbonica is also recommended for females who experience the issues of heavy leakage when they move towards the period of menopause. It's also escorted with leg cramps. Individuals who experience a sense of anxiety or fatigue alongside heavy leakage prior to menopause, Calcarea Carbonica will be useful for them.


This is yet another homeopathic remedy that works wonder for menopause associated signs. However, this is a remedy that's recommended to females only when they've induced menopause, which's sourced via the surgical exclusion of ovaries. Hence this medication must be utilized by females who've their ovaries excluded and have the issue of hot flashes regularly.


This is also a very effective homeopathic drug for the menopausal issues. If you've short sessions of hysterical tendencies, then Sepia is the best recommendation for you. It's also very fruitful if you're experiencing other menopausal symptoms like agoraphobia. It's even helpful for those who're feeling claustrophobic or experience weak memory and become annoying and over reactive throughout menopause.

Natrum Mriaticuum:

This is yet another very capable remedy to ease menopause symptoms. This is helpful for menopausal dryness, vaginal thinning and vaginal pain. It's also suggested for excessive and heavy flow prior to menopause. If you're experiencing a fear of rejection or betrayal, Natrum Mriaticuum can be the best help.

However, you shouldn't take these medicines on your own. Consult one of the best homeopathy doctors in Greater Kailash for the best possible dosage.